the performance of technology


VIRO recognises that the success of the industry is determined by the deployment and usage of technology.

We believe that technology can always be improved upon, and that boundaries can be broken. In order to be able to make progress, industrial organisations need to have the right people, resources and expertise at their disposal.

By providing both expertise and capacity, we help organisations improve their technology. We are flexible, committed and inspiring.


Our mission is to unburden industrial organisations and enable them to improve their performance by combining capacity and flexibility with expertise and innovation. We do this by expanding organisations with a flexible pool of engineers, and by providing support from our knowledge and expertise centres.

VIRO is a provider of integrated project solutions. Within our own organisation, and in collaboration with our clients, we develop the professionals of the future.


Our five core values are the pillars of our corporate culture:


    Being attentive and respectful towards others


    Being genuine and sincere: saying what you do and doing what you say


    Being positive, pleasant, lively and dynamic in your environment


    Conceiving new ideas with the aim of breaking boundaries


    Showing you have good taste and having an eye for detail, both in terms of content and style


VIRO maintains the highest standard of quality in its procedures. ISO 9001 is the point of departure for our project organisation. In addition, we operate our own quality assurance (QA) programmes. If required, we work according to the quality assurance systems of our clients.

For the purpose of workplace health & safety and the environment, VIRO has implemented the VCA** system. We are also NEN-4400-1 certified for reliability.


VIRO’s basic project methodology is the V-model, a clear and simple model that starts at a high level and is used to make projects manageable by dividing them into increasingly smaller subsystems, modules to the lowest level; components. Once the project has been deconstructed at this level, it is reconstructed from components into modules, and then into systems, before the system is finally put into operation on our client’s premises.


Martin Dibbets

Martin Dibbets

Director Netherlands / Branch Manager Vlaardingen (NL)
Jeroen Scheublin

Jeroen Scheublin

Branch Manager Arnhem (NL)
Hardy Meuwissen

Hardy Meuwissen

Branch Manager Echt (NL)
Dirk van der Bijl

Dirk van der Bijl

Branch Manager Groningen (NL)
Jacob Vlasma

Jacob Vlasma

Branch Manager Hengelo (NL)
Michiel de Jongh

Michiel de Jongh

Branch Manager Vlaardingen (NL)
André Scheer

André Scheer

Director Germany and Austria / Branch Manager Osnabrück (D)
Reinhard Anesi

Reinhard Anesi

Branch Manager München (D) and Graz (AT)

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