Entries by Anouk Velthuis

VIRO branch Munich moved

The original office of our Munich branch was located in the MTZ (Munich Technology Center). This multi-company building offers companies that are in the start-up phase office space. Since the Munich branch had been located there for several years, we had to make room for new startups. A new space has been found near the […]

Precision Fair 2019

This year too, VIRO is represented with a number of branches at the Precision Fair in the Hotel NH Eindhoven Conference Center Koningshof on 13 and 14 November in Veldhoven. The Precision Fair is the meeting point of companies and knowledge centers active in high and ultra-precision technology. On these two days VIRO will present […]

Dacon chooses VIRO

As from today, Dacon ECP is wholly owned by VIRO. Through this acquisition, VIRO is gaining two new locations: Oss (the Netherlands) and Geel (Belgium). The strategic choice to become part of VIRO allows Dacon ECP to work within a multidisciplinary context, enabling it to deliver even more added value to existing and potential customers. […]

After taking first place in 2017, VIRO’s Echt branch was voted Limburg’s second most attractive employer in 2018

After winning the title ‘Most attractive SME employer in Limburg 2017,’ VIRO’s Echt branch is extremely proud of its excellent second place in the 2018 contest. The Echt branch wants to thank everybody who voted for our engineering firm. Needless to say, we’ll do everything we can to win first prize again next year. The goal of […]

The future of Smart Industrial Machinery (SIM)

If you think of the start of the 19th century when you hear the words ‘Industrial Revolution,’ it’s time for an update. Because we’re right in the middle of a new revolution. The latest wave of industrial automation is sparking a fascinating change, with amazing opportunities for industry. The keyword in this movement is SIM: […]

VIRO supports Kooiman in engineering the TitanLNG bunker ship

TitanLNG has developed a solution to supply LNG across water, making ship-to-ship bunkering a reality. The LNG bunker pontoon – known as FlexFueler 001 – will deliver the fuel to the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) region. Kooiman Marine Group is leading the consortium to build the FlexFueler 001, commissioned by TitanLNG. The group is using Siemens NX […]

Safety in the process industry

In the process industry, the concept of safety includes many overlapping areas, ranging from machine safety to explosion safety. From risk control, when working with hazardous substances, to the use of certified work equipment. Despite the differences, the safety principle is always the same: the safety of machines and processes starts on the drawing board. […]

Demo Design: The VIRO Agile Eye

Demo Design: The VIRO Agile Eye Design and realisation of a 3 DOF Spherical Parallel Manipulator In Mikroniek issue 1 – 2018, Theo de Vries, Head of Software & Control at VIRO Hengelo branch, talks extensively about the design and functionality of the VIRO Agile Eye. Read the complete article about the Agile Eye http://www.dspe.nl/mikroniek/