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VIRO supports Kooiman in engineering the TitanLNG bunker ship

TitanLNG has developed a solution to supply LNG across water, making ship-to-ship bunkering a reality. The LNG bunker pontoon – known as FlexFueler 001 – will deliver the fuel to the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) region. Kooiman Marine Group is leading the consortium to build the FlexFueler 001, commissioned by TitanLNG. The group is using Siemens NX […]

VIRO at High-Tech Systems

On 22 March VIRO will be represented at the exhibition High-Tech Systems. This is the ideal place for high-tech professionals and technical decision-makers to meet one another and find out about the latest trends and developments. We will be happy to explain to you about the possibilities offered by VIRO in the fields of Mechatronics, […]

A look behind the scenes at VIRO’s branch in Echt named ‘Limburg’s Most Attractive Employer 2017’

Limburg’s Most Attractive Employer 2017 From March until June 2017, dozens of companies in Limburg battled to win the title of Limburg’s Most Attractive Employer. It turned out to be a thrilling contest in which VIRO won in the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises category on 28th June. A delegation from the Limburg Employers Association (LWV) […]

VIRO’s branch in Echt named ‘Limburg’s Most Attractive Employer 2017’

Limburg’s Most Attractive Employer 2017 The Limburg Employers Association – LWV has announced the winners of ‘Limburg’s Most Attractive Employer 2017’! The winner of the title in the Large Enterprise category was the company MeanderGroep Zuid-Limburg and in the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises category the title was awarded to the company VIRO. The competition is an image campaign that […]

Data and technology

Data and technology: a crucial combination. In the Overijssel and Limburg edition of the Ondernemersbelang magazine, Theo de Vries and Edwin Brunenberg from VIRO talk about the opportunities that are open to companies if they allow their data to be analysed and combined professionally. In a world in which developments in Smart Industry Machinery follow on from one another […]

Think like ASML, act like VIRO | Bits&Chips

In Bits&Chips, VIRO talks about its long-standing collaboration with ASML and its desire to remain independent: Think like ASML, act like VIRO. ‘We can adapt quickly to any situation, while keeping high quality levels throughout and without ever compromising our own business continuity. Another major benefit is that many VIRO engineers are also experienced in […]

VIRO and IMS develop generic control software for ‘Industry 4.0’ production platform

Simplification is a job in itself ‘Flexibility’ and ‘scalability’ are buzzwords in modern production systems in Industry 4.0. However, following a recent takeover, the engineering company VIRO now has the software and control skills to develop a toolkit for the related system architecture. Machine manufacturer IMS has been using the toolkit to equip its latest […]

Finally, efficient energy from gravity

Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars (Universe Architecture) has developed a new technique to generate free energy in a sustainable way at home. Ruijssenaars’ mechanism, whereby energy is released by perpetually unbalancing a weight, offers an alternative to solar and wind technology. The technique is now patent-pending. Ruijssenaars says about the invention, ‘Intuitively, I thought that gravity […]