Jeroen Brouwer on working for VIRO

During the third year of my mechanical engineering studies at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem, I completed a work placement at VIRO’s Arnhem branch. I chose VIRO because it is an engineering firm that offers a vast array of services and has an extensive amount of knowledge and expertise on Product Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial Projects. I became aware of VIRO during the HAN University of Applied Sciences job fair where they showed a number of projects from their different fields of expertise. I was curious, so I looked at more projects on their website and then I asked about a potential work placement.

During my work placement I was tasked with designing a new ‘group bicycle’ for a client. The assignment was great, because I was able to experience the project from start to finish, meaning from concept to prototype. Receiving a client’s request and developing a solution is a regular occurrence at VIRO.

I looked for solutions together with my colleagues. The assignment was a lot of fun to work on, in part because my colleagues were very helpful, and they really helped me explore all the possibilities. VIRO offered me all the available tools and support to complete the project. I was also allowed to do supporting work on a Ferris wheel that will be used at a funfair. Using what I learned at the HAN University of Applied Sciences, I was more than capable to help. A wide variety of projects are worked on at VIRO, which is very interesting. For example, all projects related to mechanical engineering are in their Mechanical Engineering department I really enjoyed myself and felt very motivated during my work placement at VIRO.

The supervision was excellent. I learned a lot during this period. VIRO supported me and ensured that all my learning goals were addressed during the work placement. In my experience, VIRO is a professional employer both towards its own staff and towards its work placement students.

‘This period was very educational; my construction calculations and drawing skills improved significantly. The clear project deadlines taught me to plan well and consult project commissioners, project leaders, and clients. I really enjoyed being part of the organisation, which is why I came back to work as an employee.

At the moment, I am designing a tool for a client. I am tasked with thinking up solutions to support employees during assembly, based on the customer’s request. I took on this assignment together with the VIRO project managers. It is another great assignment that allows me to think in a highly application-oriented way. VIRO is a good, professional, and expert employer that I really enjoy working for.