Kay Wilmsen on working for VIRO

I started working for VIRO immediately after graduating from HAN Automotive technical institute in Arnhem. I had no preferences for specific companies or products, except for wanting to work in the automotive industry, of course.

In the final few weeks of my studies, I spoke to several employment agencies and recruiters. VIRO stood out to me, because it was clear I could start immediately. They have several internal projects that can help me develop further and secondment is an option.

This grants me the opportunity to ‘sample’ different employers and develop myself in a direction that suits me, as VIRO works with several companies. That was my primary consideration in choosing VIRO.

I have been working here for six years now and, looking back, there are a number of reasons why I continue to work at VIRO.

Firstly, I have always been able to keep developing myself. At certain times, I noticed either my learning curve stagnating or that I needed to be challenged. Whenever that happened, I was always able to voice my opinions and they were taken into account when looking for a practical solution. After two years of a secondment at DAF, I returned to the branch in Echt to develop myself as a project leader. This was because my working activities were not challenging enough anymore and were unlikely to become so.

I have also worked at several different companies and experienced different working methods. Instead of working on one product, product group, or working method for six years, I have accumulated a broad knowledge base at several companies. I have worked with lorries, trailers, agricultural machinery, and a sweeping machine. I have also worked on motorcycles, engine attachments, frames, wheel suspensions, brakes, cabins, and cabin parts. My working activities can also be sorted into different product categories such as casting parts, sheet metal, typesetting, welding compositions, and plastic parts.

Lastly, my colleagues respect and appreciate me. When I compare my experiences to stories from my social circles, I think that we treat each other with resachterpect and get along well at VIRO. Regardless of someone’s seniority in the company, people listen to and respect one another. I can approach my colleagues or my supervisor when I have questions or concerns, without feeling like I have to cross some ‘threshold’.

In summary, working for VIRO is something I find enjoyable and interesting because it challenges me, offers variety, and provides both appreciation and respect.